Development Services

The Development Services Division manages the following processes and procedures:
  • Development Projects with utility extensions and new services
    • Subdivisions
    • Commercial Sites
  • Concept plan review
  • Water and sewer availability questions
  • Building permit sign off for New Hanover County
  • Septic Permit sign off for New Hanover County
  • Well Permit sign off for New Hanover County
  • The Development Process and Procedures Manual provides guidelines for the planning, design and installation of water and sewer systems.

If you have any questions regarding these process or procedures please call 910-332-6560 or use our online Contact Form

Master Planning and Capacity Management

Land developers and professional engineers frequently need to understand how CFPUA’s master planning accommodates a parcel or group of parcels considered for development.

Detailed information is available upon request through our online Contact Form. For this request please use the file upload option on the contact form to provide an image or pdf map that identifies the subject parcel(s). Include the type of development and anticipated sewer flows to receive information about current available capacity. The typical turnaround time is one to two weeks depending upon complexity and staff work load.

CFPUA now offers online GIS mapping applications that provide information to address common questions regarding CFPUA services. Access CFPUA’s GIS Portal, then select from the different mapping applications.

The following mapping applications are currently available: 

  • CFPUA Service Available to Existing Structures:  Shows locations of homes and buildings that currently have active CFPUA water and sewer services. This map does not address service availability to vacant lots. Please continue to contact CFPUA Development Services to determine if CFPUA service is available to vacant lots. 
  • CFPUA Sewer Capacity Availability: Shows the amount of sewer pump station capacity that is currently available for new developments. This information generally applies to developments that require sewer main line extensions such as subdivisions and commercial centers. This does not apply to construction of a single home or a single building that does not require significant sewer use.
Construction & Design Specs
Forms & Procedures