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New Hanover County Government Center
230 Government Center Drive
Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 9 a.m.

9 a.m. – CALL TO ORDER

Opening Comments                                                                                  Jim Quinn, Chairman

  • Determination of a Quorum
  • Adoption of the Agenda

Approval of Minutes                                                                               Jim Brumit, Secretary

Minutes of the March 12, 2014 Regular Meeting and Public Hearing* Board Action

Public Comments (Limit 4 minutes per speaker)

March 12, 2014 Speaker Update                                                      Jim Flechtner, Executive Director

Consent Agenda          

1.   Authorization for the Executive Director to execute an amendment to the Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Wrightsville Beach * Board Action    
Budget Impact:  None

2.   Authorization for the Executive Director to execute a Utility Agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation *Board Action     
Budget Impact:  Estimated Cost:  $63,000
Provided for in the CIP – Water Distribution Standard Developer Agreement Project (13W145)

3.   Authorization for the Executive Director to execute a contract with Hughes Brothers, Inc. for Light Duty Fleet Maintenance* Board Action    
Budget Impact:  $50,000
Provided for in the Fleet Fund

4.   Approval of the proposed changes to the Customer Service Deposit Policy* Board Action  
Budget Impact:  None

5.   Approval of a Supplemental Appropriations Ordinance and Budget Amendment to reimburse the operating funds for fuel and overtime expenses related to the recent storm events* Board Action                
Budget Impact:  $124,694 reduction in contingency fund to reimburse various Operations funds (see Budget Amendment for details)       

6.   Authorization for the Executive Director to execute a change order with T.A. Loving Company for the 30th Street Sewer Rehabilitation project* Board Action  
Budget Impact:  $109,081.45
Provided for in the CIP – 30th Street Sewer Replacement (12S170) and 30th Street Water Replacement (12W131)

7.   Authorization for the Executive Director to execute a construction contract with T&H Construction of NC, Inc. for the Bald Eagle Lane water line project* Board Action   
Budget Impact:  $660,286.10
Provided for in the CIP – Fazio to Eagle Point Project (13W147)

8.   Authorization for the Sole Source Purchase and Installation of Evoqua Dystor Replacement Equipment for the Dystor Facility at the James A.Loughlin Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant* Board Action                            
Budget Impact:  Total cost for equipment and installation – less than $267,000.00
Provided for in the CIP – NSWWTP Dystor Rehabilitation Project (14S276)

9.   Authorization for the Executive Director to execute a construction contract with State Utility Contractors, Inc. for the Northeast Interceptor (NEI) Rehabilitation Phase 2 project* Board Action    
Budget Impact:  $4,592,697.20
Provided for in the CIP – NEI Rehab Project (09S112)

10.   Authorization for the Board Chairman and Secretary to execute an amended interlocal agreement with the City of Wilmington that reflects the funding for stormwater and road work associated with the Greenfield Lake Outfall Rehabilitation project; and Authorization for the Board Chairman, Secretary, and Executive Director to execute the Budget Ordinance and Amendment associated with this amendment* Board Action
Budget Impact:  See agenda item
Provided for in the CIP – Greenfield Lake Outfall Project (12S171)

New Business

Administrative Reports

Attorney Report      Linda Miles, Legal Consultant

Executive Director Report     Jim Flechtner, Executive Director

11.   Environmental Performance Report        

12.   Safety Performance Report        

Committee Reports

Executive Committee                                                                               Jim Quinn, Chairman
                                                                                                                            Jim Flechtner, Executive Director

13.   Committee Minutes         

14.   Audit Report                                                                                            John Payne, Internal Auditor       

Human Resources Committee                                                            Jim Brumit, Chairman
                                                                                                                            Tom Morgan, HR Director

15.   Committee Minutes         

Long Range Planning Committee                                                      Cindee Wolf, Committee Chair
                                                                                                                            Frank Styers, Chief Operations Officer

16.   Committee Report         

Finance Committee                                                                                  Mike Brown, Treasurer/Committee Chair
                                                                                                                            Cheryl Spivey, Chief Financial Officer
17.   Finance Committee Minutes                    

18.   Organizational Efficiencies and Rate Presentation      

    Adoption of Water and Sewer Rates* Board Action     
19.   FY 15 Preliminary Budget Review       
20.   Monthly Financial Reports and Customer Service Update                 

Items for Informational Purposes Only:

21.   Monthly Billing of Large Accounts       

22.   Consolidated Accounts        

Old Business

Authority Q & A / Closing Comments    Jim Quinn, Chairman

Closed Session


Other Committee Minutes: